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Book #1 of the 'Cold Run' Series

By all appearances, Cy Ford is no more than a quiet loner living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He works as a conservation officer and prefers the company of his sled dogs. What nobody suspects is that Ford’s past is a fractured one, and everything, down to his name, is a complete lie. During the winter months, Ford moonlights as a drug-running dog sled musher, and he’s amassed a small fortune en route.

With Christmas around the corner, Ford has decided to exit the smuggling game, but it won’t be that easy. When a turf war breaks out between his Canadian employer and a Detroit-based mobster, he finds himself forced into one last drug run he and his dog team may never reach the end of. 

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Meet the man with no name. When the snow falls, he's running.

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"A master storyteller that takes you on a ride every time, Cold Run had me captivated on every turn of the page.”

Kevin Interdonato, Actor/Producer

"The combination of highly atmospheric setting, meticulous detail, and engrossing storyline make for a solid, intense read."

"A brisk and realistic crime story strengthened by thoughtful characterization."

Kirkus Reviews

"As stark and unrelenting as the scenery itself, Cold Run offers non-stop thrills that pick up speed until the nerve-racking conclusion."

"The character leaps off the page and is a very realistic understanding of how people like Cy operate. "

K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite

"A densely created, intricate action thriller that asks what is worth sacrificing for security and safety."


Steve Quade, Indies Today

The Prairies Book Review