PRESALES 10-21-21

Release 12-10-21

CR Cover.png

Book #1 of the 'Cold Run' Series

By all appearances, Cy Ford is no more than a quiet loner living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He works as a conservation officer and prefers the company of his sled dogs. What nobody suspects is that Ford’s past is a fractured one, and everything, down to his name, is a complete lie. During the winter months, Ford moonlights as a drug-running dog sled musher, and he’s amassed a small fortune en route.

With Christmas around the corner, Ford has decided to exit the smuggling game, but it won’t be that easy. When a turf war breaks out between his Canadian employer and a Detroit-based mobster, he finds himself forced into one last drug run he and his dog team may never reach the end of. 

Meet the man with no name. When the snow falls, he's running.