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Michael Dault

Filmmaker / Author / Sports Writer

"Maybe it's the unique people. Maybe the old-fashioned bucolic setting or the nostalgia it brings— he'll never be sure. But it's there he knows that his family truly became close. Of course, their end there was tragic, yet he knows those years were something else. Those years were the best of their lives."
                                                                                         —Michael Dault, The Sons of Summer


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Michael was born in the state of Virginia and raised in the beauty of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. After a short stint in professional baseball, he began his media career working for television and radio stations. Later, he transitioned into online and print sports journalism. In 2006, he founded his own film and television production company TipToe Productions, which he presently owns and operates. This has led to collaborating on award-winning projects and various producing, directing, screenwriting, and acting roles.

The Sons of Summer was his debut novel.

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